you're my love

Up on the roof top, lookin' out at the stars
I wonder 'bout my future, what tomorrow holds.
I'm just a small girl in a world so large
Where fortune is uncertain and people are so cold.

I'm so glad I have you here, chasin' away all my fear,
Guidin' me onward when I cannot see.
I can face the future, whatever it may bring,
Long as I know you're here with me.

R. Because you're my love, my light when days are dark
and cold,
You're my love, my shelter from the storm outside.
You're my love, my strength when I justcan't go on.
You're my love, my life.

Sun through my window, greetin' a new day
Reminds me every moment is a treasure from above.
One thing is for certain, come whatever may,
Each one will be filled with your love.

You're my love, my sunshine; You're my love, my starlight.

You're my love, you're my love, you're my love.