Baby, come close, let me tell, you this:
in a whisper my heart says you know it too.
Baby, we both share a secret wish.
Can you feel my love reachin' out to you?

R. Timeless, don't let it end, no,
now that you're right here in my arms where you will stay.
Hold tight, baby.
Timeless, don't let it fade out of sight,

just let the moment sweep us both away,
lifting us to where we both agree:
This is timeless love.

I see it all, baby, in your eyes,
when you look at me, you know i feel it too, yes I do.
So let's sail away and live forever baby,
Where the crystal ocean melts into the sky.

B. We dhouldn't let the moment pass,
makin' me shiver, let's make it last.
Why should we lose it? Don't ever let me go.