breakfast, london style

When you're lying here right next to me,
i can feel that our spirit's free.
When you close the windows to your soul,
And i know that you're dreamin' of me.
When the moon highlights your shadow,
Oh I love the way your skin glows.
I can feel your love surroundin' me, just how it
should be.

And I'm so deeply the way we grow as one,
i know we'll never let it go.
And you're completely. Youfill me till I overflow,
reaping what we sow. You're mine, oh my.

R. My breakfast in bed Sunday morning,
away with the night, ew day dawning.
My husband, daughter, son know why,
a beautiful song in the kay of life.
A sweet memory, a childhoot dream,
a hot cup of coffee with extra cream.
Winter, summer, spring or fall,
I guess, my love, you've got it all.a